Ken Robinson, Missouri State Highway Patrol

"I learned more in one week than in all my other training, military and police combined."

Anthony White, U.S. Naval SPECWAR Unit

"Awesome training the 'force-on-force' training was a wonderful way to get the point across and drive it home. Instructors were wonderful in relating to SPECWAR students as well as police officers."

Todd Peer, West Virginia State Police

"Great Class. I recommend it to anyone in law enforcement. I've never had a low-light course at this level."

USASOC NCO (name withheld by request)

"SFI offers training like no other outfit. The combatives/tactics program is far superior to anything else out there."

Government security agent (name withheld by request)

"I wanted to thank you again for your time and instruction this past week. I was truly amazed by what you were teaching and I have been scouring both yours and SureFire's websites to learn more. I am looking forward to more training with you."


"You have a great trainer out there in Boulder City, SureFire. I took the Nevada CCW last week. Not only was the class well covered but I got some extra care and feeding from SFI. I learn something every time I am on the range but this was a real treat for me as SFI spotted something ( bad habits ) that I was able to clear up quickly. I still have lots to learn but my confidence and competence got a big boost thanks to SFI. All of this will make me more effective at the range as a volunteer."