Instructors and Staff

Instructors are world class and are often called in throughout the US and at times internationally for the specific needs of the clients.

William Murphy, Lead Instructor, Low-Light and Firearms Training

Bill has been a police officer for over 31 years, currently working as a Reserve Deputy with Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.  Bill was also a Senior Police Officer assigned to Patrol /SWAT with the Huntington Beach PD in California, where he was also a Firearms Instructor/Armorer, Use of Force Instructor, and a member of the Range Advisory Committee, Gunsite Training Center Rangemaster, a Police Academy Instructor, an NRA, FBI, and an Adjunct Instructor for the U.S. Air Force Pararescue Advanced Weapons School. Bill serves as Lead Instructor for low-light and firearms courses at the SureFire Institute.

Douglas Martin, Lead Instructor, Vehicle Operations

Douglas has been a police officer for over 17 years. A founding member of the Los Angeles Police Department's elite Wilshire CRASH unit, he currently serves as Team Leader on the Huntington Beach Police Department SWAT team. He has been both a member and supervisor of protective details for celebrities, executives and high-profile court witnesses. He is also a firearms training instructor, protective/defensive driving instructor, and a patrol/SWAT tactics instructor. He has performed in numerous films and television commercials as a precision driver and stuntman, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.


In addition to our lead instructors, Surefire Institute comprises itself with a cadre of highly skilled and qualified instructors.
Our instructor cadre includes:
  • SFI Certified Instructors
  • Gunsite Training Rangemasters
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Trainers
  • SWAT Operators & Trainers
  • US Marine Corps MARSOC Trainers
  • US Army Special Forces Trainers
  • CLS, PHTLS, TCCC, LEFR Certifed