Womens Pistol & Nevada CCW


Be aware of your surroundings!

This is an introductory women's pistol course for women and teenage girls. The course will cover mindset and mental conditioning, how to use a pistol safely and effectively, irritants (pepper spray), court and protective orders, and shooting for home defense.

This class also meets the standards under Nevada State Law regarding Concealed Carry Weapons requirements.

This course will teach students the laws under Nevada statutes related to Concealed Carry through both classroom lecture and range qualification.

Subject matter is presented in a no-nonsense, straightforward approach that is both interactive and interesting.

Equipment needed:

- Handgun with extra magazines or a speed loader for revolvers (we have semi automatic handguns available to use at no charge)
- Eye and ear protection (Sunglasses work great, we have foam plugs if you do not have your own ear protection)
- Closed toe sensible footwear (you will be walking in gravel)
- Hat w/ brim (baseball style) recommended
- Pants or shorts with usable pockets
- Belt
- 150 rounds ammunition (if borrowing our handgun, you will need 9mm luger (ball/target) ammo)
- Bring a packed lunch, snacks (optional), and hydration beverages of your choice (water will be available)

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