Low-Light Tactics 1-Day Course


  • 10 Hours

The purpose of the training class is to expose the student to the proper use of the flashlight and weapon in a low light environment, to develop student confidence and ability with handgun in fighting techniques and low light shooting situations and threat/target identification. Surefire tactics courses are techniques for building searching and clearing. The Surefire Institute has been the leader in flashlight training and instructor development.

Students will receive discount on all future SureFire purchases.

Map, Directions, and Time: Provided upon registration of class.

Topics Covered

  • Principles of low-light tactics
  • How to choose and use the tactical flashlight
  • Entry techniques: Solo, pair and 3-man
  • Using handheld flashlights in conjunction with firearms
  • Entry techniques in reduced light
  • Force-on-force techniques using marking cartridges

Equipment Required / Force-On-Force

  • Non-lethal pistol and marking ammunition (If you have one)
  • Duty belt and holster
  • Duty flashlight/holster will be provided
  • Clear eye protection
  • (Pistols with conversion kits and non-lethal marking ammunition may be provided upon request) $25 charge
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