Low-Light Tactics 1-Day Course


  • 10 Hours

The purpose of the training class is to expose the student to the proper use of the flashlight and weapon in a low light environment, to develop student confidence and ability with handgun in fighting techniques and low light shooting situations and threat/target identification. Surefire tactics courses are techniques for building searching and clearing. The Surefire Institute has been the leader in flashlight training and instructor development.

Map, Directions, and Time: Provided upon registration of class.

Topics Covered

  • Principles of low-light tactics
  • How to choose and use the tactical flashlight
  • Entry techniques: Solo, pair and 3-man
  • Using handheld flashlights in conjunction with firearms
  • Entry techniques in reduced light
  • Force-on-force techniques using marking cartridges

Equipment Required / Force-On-Force

  • Non-lethal pistol and marking ammunition (If you have one)
  • Duty belt and holster
  • Duty flashlight
  • Clear eye protection
  • (Pistols with conversion kits and non-lethal marking ammunition may be provided upon request) $50 charge
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