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Improvised Weapons


Course Description: Utilized for specialized applications such as undercover (narcotics officers, special investigators, counter-intelligence personnel, etc.,) this outstanding two-day program of instruction provides the essential training skills necessary for immediate identification, selection, and utilization of improvised weapons in emergency/exigent circumstances as a defensive solution in an immediate threat engagement where firearms are not an option. Employing weapons of opportunity from four categories of improvised weapons including edged, impact, flexible and personal – this course enables immediate recognition and effective utilization of any element of any operational environment to be used as an improvised defensive weapon. 

Take advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to train with a real-world Protection Specialist from deep within the US Defense Intelligence community to develop the skills and take home the tools of the professionals. Former CIA employee, Protective Programs SME and world-class educator Steve Tarani steps out from “The Agency” to provide you with this vetted, easy-to-follow training curriculum allowing you the opportunity to develop and utilize your instinctive reactive reflexes to solve the most difficult of threat engagement problems. Designed for T1G professionals and presented in a standard program of instruction training format this is NOT a martial arts class and is NOT a basic academy-level defensive tactics program. 


Course Content Includes:

  • rapidly identify and immediately recognize improvised weapons in any operational environment
  • gain proficiency in the usage of edged, impact, flexible and other weapons of opportunity based on immediate and exigent need
  • utilize an improvised weapon within the acceptable use-of-force range
  • recognize, break away from and gain the advantage over single or multiple assailants utilizing improvised weapons
  • escape from a high-threat hostage situation using your environment and improvised weapons
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