Advanced Edged Weapons

This is the follow on course for Edged Weapon Engagements. We are going to use the principles, tactics, and techniques that were taught in the initial Solutions to Edged Weapon Engagements course to further advance your knowledge, skill and ability to solve problems and defend yourself using an edged weapon. If a student is interested in taking this course and has not taken the initial course it will be a pre-requisite that you obtain the “Make Ready with James Williams Edged Weapons” DVD from Panteao Productions, watch and practice what is on that DVD so that you are prepared for this course. It will be beneficial for all students of this course to obtain the 2nd video in the series, study and practice what is on that video so that we can accomplish as much as possible in this Advanced Course. The videos support the course of instruction and will be your reference for the practice that will be essential for maximizing your training

We will review;
Knife design, carry and use.
Engagement Mindset
Managing Tactical Distance and Relationship
Strategies for Winning
Effective deployment of the knife
Offensive use of the knife in defense of your life

Advanced Solutions
Learning to see the geometry of the engagement
Additional techniques that implement the principles
Use of scenarios to present problems for the student to solve
by implementing the principles that have been taught.

In the Advanced Course you will gain the ability to quickly and intuitively perceive the anatomy of the attack. Using the skills that we have learned and practiced you will solve the problem that you are faced with using;
Disappearing Movement
Decisive Action

This method is very different than “knife fighting” and provides the quickest and most effective means of surviving and prevailing in an edged weapon engagement. I look forward to working with you.

James Williams has extensive knowledge in edged weapons use and design. He currently teaches military Special Operations and Law Enforcement worldwide. James has 7 knife designs currently in production with CRKT. His knowledge and skill with edged weapons is recognized worldwide, The foundation of our training comes from the masters of the edged weapon world the Samurai warriors of ancient Japan. This course will benefit both civilians and professionals.



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