ADVANCED Advanced Pistol

Closing the SFI Las Vegas Facility allowed us to bring back another classroom and target systems tha we have not had access to previously at our Corona Facility. These target systems were used for our military special operations Lone Operator Course. This is a one day sample of Lone Operator.

Once you try our new programs, then you will understand our Lone Operator Course and how Advanced it is with pistol, carbine, foreign weapons, armorer, medical, edged weapons, combatives, low light operations, laser use and man vs man scenarios!


Lone Operator

This is an advanced level course designed for the operator that has limited resources. Utilizing over 20 years experience in training individuals in concealed carry techniques and tactics, we have developed a course that is not available anywhere else.

This course provides the training necessary to work alone in a closed quarter environment. In addition to Live Fire, several force-on-force scenarios will be run with the use of marking dye cartridges.

At the completion of this course, the student will be proficient with the following:


Tactical Carbine

This one day intermediate level course identifies the capabilities and law enforcement applications of the carbine, and develops the carbine skills necessary for short to medium range engagements in urban or rural environments, in daylight or low-light conditions.

Map, Directions, and Time: Provided upon registration of class.

Topics Covered


Active Shooter and Counter Terrorism Response Seminar

Surefire Institute and Firearms Training Associates with guest Instructors George Zagurski and Michael Farrow present:

Active Shooter and Counter Terrorism Response Seminar


Advanced Live Fire Entry

The course is designed to teach individuals to work as a team, utilizing Entry Techniques and engaging multiple targets with Marking Cartridges. This course teaches the student how to safely and effectively utilize a pistol or revolver during close quarter conflict. Previous firearms experience is strongly encouraged.

***Note: The Live Fire Entry course is required or similar training


Auto Weapons Operator

This course exposes students to various select-fire and fully automatic weapon systems employed around the world today such as the M4, M240B, MP5, G36, AK47, and more as well as the safe operation and effective shooting fundamentals of each.

Specific models may vary based on availability at the time of class. Please call for more details


Live Fire Entry


This course may not be available to all students so please call first.

Upon completion of this course, the student is provided instruction in:

+ Handgun skills refresher course
+ Mindset - mental conditioning
+ Barricade shooting
+ Shooting on the move
+ Close quarters battle
+ Responsibilities of using deadly force
+ Tactics lecture
+ Dry walk-through
+ Live fire entry with marking cartridges* (see below)
+ Limited force on force


Tactical Pistol

Emphasizing Law Enforcement Tactics

This course may not be avaiable to all students. Please call first.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be proficient with:

+ Law enforcement-related skills with handgun
+ Weapon retention
+ Close quarters conflict
+ Edged weapon awareness
+ Multiple adversaries
+ Threat assessment
+ Mindset and mental conditioning
+ Shooting on the move


+ Handgun
+ Field gear
+ Eye and ear protection
+ 2 magazines or one speed loader



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