AK-47 Armorer/Operator Course

This course will provide the participant a solid foundation in basic maintenence and repair as well as some of the safety concerns by recognizing common issues associated with production mistakes before use.

Day One – Classroom

History of the AK (AK-47, AK-74, AK series weapons) from several countries chracteristics

Cycle of operation
Maintenance and Repair
Assembly, disassembly, field-stripping, and troubleshooting
Alterations and Mods
Safety, and Warning precautions
Day Two – Range Day (8 Hours):


Laser Instructor / Operator Course

Everyone needs a sighting device on a pistol or carbine for working at night or in low light situations. This course covers the SureFire X400 Ultra visable laser, sighting, adjusting and tactical use.
The I/R laser with night vision device also allows you to use lasers without giving away a postion. Several I/R lasers will be covered with Live Fire on both pistols and carbines.


Active Shooter II

A comprehensive look into todays active shooter and terrorism threats that we now face everyday. In the world we live in today we have the unfortunate reality of a terror or active shooter attack. It is no longer a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when”. Are you prepared for when the fight is brought to you, whether you are at work, school, church or just out on the town? This seminar will help prepare you with the knowledge; preparation and skills need to be ready.

We will be conducting a variety of scenarios which include:


Lone Operator

This is an advanced level course designed for the operator that has limited resources. Utilizing over 20 years experience in training individuals in concealed carry techniques and tactics, we have developed a course that is not available anywhere else.

This course provides the training necessary to work alone in a closed quarter environment. In addition to Live Fire, several force-on-force scenarios will be run with the use of marking dye cartridges.

At the completion of this course, the student will be proficient with the following:


Tactical Carbine

This one day intermediate level course identifies the capabilities and law enforcement applications of the carbine, and develops the carbine skills necessary for short to medium range engagements in urban or rural environments, in daylight or low-light conditions.

Map, Directions, and Time: Provided upon registration of class.

Topics Covered


AR15 Armorer Course

This course covers the M16 family of weapons, the M4, the AR15, and all variants. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to make alterations and change parts to customize your firearm. Most gunsmith’s are not legally allowed to work on the AR15/M16/M4, due to the assault weapons ban and the special licenses required. So if you want to keep your carbine fully operational and in top working order, we highly recommend this course to you.


Auto Weapons Operator

This course exposes students to various select-fire and fully automatic weapon systems employed around the world today such as the M4, M240B, MP5, G36, AK47, and more as well as the safe operation and effective shooting fundamentals of each.

Specific models may vary based on availability at the time of class. Please call for more details



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